Ways to Improve Confidence

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Hey guys, I know your self esteem is hurt and you’re feeling low, and want to boost your confidence. But before we get into the best ways to improve confidence, first we must checkout the difference between self esteem and confidence.

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So, suppose you’re in your country’s football team, and had practiced your whole life to be there.

But from last few matches, you’re not performing well, so your team dropped you from team.

Now, if your self esteem is unshakable, then you won’t have any problem because you know you can do it, you’ve the skills and in long term you’re going to win.

Okay, so then what is confidence?

Suppose you’re a great football player and a perfectionist of this game.

If you say, I can’t miss even a single shot or no one can my shoot or I can win against anyone, that it’s overconfidence, it would be, I’ve worked hard and have faith in my skills, don’t know about next two shoots but in long term I’m definitely going to perform well.

Now I think you know the difference between self esteem and confidence.

And by this time, you would have understood that self esteem becomes unshakable when you work hard on yourself and obviously be true to yourself.

But how can you be confident, you CAN by applying these techniques, no matter in which field you are.

Best Ways To Improve Confidence

There are many factors which contribute to your confidence, we’ll try to eliminate some of them, and develop some good habits. Because even a slight change in your body posture contributes to your confidence. So let’s get started…

Eliminate The Nay… Sayers

The most common reason why most of people loose their confidence and give up something, because of these nay(NO) sayers.

It may sound difficult, but think of every person you spend time with(friends, family, roommate, classmate etc.) and create a list of nay sayers and avoid spending time with them.

I’m not saying to cut off the relations, but wait for the time till you succeed, all of their nays will be yays…

Moreover it’s not their fault, it’s human nature, so don’t make them feel guilty and wait till the time you succeed and enjoy with their yays.

What are Fears?

Fears are nothing but just a state of mind.

So face up your fears.(because you’re a natural…a beating heart of stone)

Sorry for that, but yup facing up your fears is extremely difficult because of the narrow vision, but when you widen your vision, you realise that those are nothing.

By the way, here are some things which you can do to counter your fears:

  • Times Please: First of all take a break and calm down, so that you can be in a physical condition of thinking.
  • Breath man Breath: Just take deep breaths and rush to the battle ground.
  • Chase Your Fears: Think if the worst could happen, and start to chase your fears, they’ll definitely run away. This is called negative motivation.

If nothing works and you can’t keep your feet on the ground, then just talk with someone about it, but someone who is already expert in that field.

Be Prepared

The another way you can beat your fears and be confident is, by getting prepared.

Suppose you fear of public speaking, and you have to give a speech, than just prepare a speech, go through it few times, do rehearsal in front of people that understanding the topic, take deep breaths, be calm and just get on the stage.

Once you’re on the stage, all your fears will be lost.

And when you would have done this tour yo five times, you would be like ““what a useless post, who fears from speaking to humans.


Because when circumstances change, so does our minds.

Never Stop Learning

Learning new things can make you much more confident than you think.

When you learn new things your knowledge base expands, and when you meet people of that field you can talk with them or even handle some situations.

You can call it learning new skills.

So, always read about something and learn new skills.

Accept yourself as you are!

I’m not saying, don’t work to improve yourself.

But if you want to change anything, first accept what the reality is.

So accept your limitations, your strength.Work on your strength and improve them.

Work on your limitations, and eliminate them one by one.

Comparision isn’t Gooooood!

Okay, I think you would have seen parents scolding their children by comparing them with others, and as a child we hated it.

But when we grow upnwe also di the same thing.

We start comparing ourselves with others, but this affects our self esteem negatively, and breaks down our confidence.

Get Things Done

When you start completing your tasks, it’s definitely going to happen.

What? Your confidence, will definitely boost up and make you happy.

What are the things which you can do to get things done faster?

Here are some things which you can do to get things done faster:

  • Wake up very early.
  • Begin with the hardest task.
  • Take away ball distractions.
  • learn to say no.
  • Do one thing.
  • Always set deadlines.
  • Put your headphones in.

Okay so just stop procrastination and get things done faster.

My spoken language is English, My body language is……Do you know yours??

Joke over but body language matters.

Okay your body posture, position of your shoulders, eye contact, and even your smile matters.

I can’t cover this topic otherwise it would be too long, so I’ll write a different article and out the link here.

Take Care Of Yourself

When you take care of yourself,your soul gives you confidence.

What??……. 😂😂

But truly, when you take care of things like: diet, exercise, medication and sleep etc.it naturally appears in your personality, enhancing it to next level – obviously boosting your confidence.

So have a healthy diet, some physical as well as mental exercise, and a good enough sleep.

You aren’t Awkward!

Are you??

Ni you’re not, as I said before accept you as you are but also keep in mind that you’re not awkward.

You are as you are, and they are as they are.

So don’t feel these things and keep in mind world doesn’t focus on you, you aren’t Elon Musk or Donald Trump.

Feeling yourself is a negative talk, so avoid negative talks and focus on positive talk.

Doing positive talk about yourself will definitely boost your confidence.

Be thankful to what you have, and proud of what you have achieved.


Last but not the least, smile, smile, smile and smile….

I think I don’t have to talk about the benifits bla bla.. about smile.

So, if you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine. Join our newsletter…


So, if you want to be confident, avoid nay sayers, face your fears, be prepared, never stop learning, accept yourself as you are, don’t feel yourself awkward, learn new skills etc.

I hope this article provided you the value and didn’t bored you.

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Wanna suggest ny topic or give feedback type in the comment box.

Okay, see you soon!


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