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Think positively.

Have you ever heard of this game.

This game is similar to cricket but it’s not it.

Same as cricket you have bat in your hand and balls are thrown towards you.

There are no wickets nor any wicketkeeper.

A ball is thrown towards you and you missed it. What will happen?

Obviously, you are not going to be out because there are no players other than you.

Have any idea?


This is the game of life my dear friend.

Here life gives you opportunities(balls) what if you missed one, there will be another.

But in reality, many people get out. They quit their life for what.

For missing a single opportunity?

All this depends on thinking, if you are thinking positively than all things will be simple but if you think negatively than no one can save you, except yourself.

Today we will talk on the following topics:

  • What’s realistic positive thinking?
  • Why is positive thinking important?
  • How to know if you think negative?
  • What are the side effects of negative thinking?
  • How can you think positively?
  • Things to keep in mind.

It’s a promise that you would have understood the following points at the end of the post.

Let’s get started…

Think Positively

What is Realistic Positive Thinking?

For understanding what is positive thinking we have to first understand what is NOT positive thinking.

  • If you think, thinking positively will lead to success without taking any action. Then, it’s not positive thinking.
  • If you think, thinking positively means that there will be no negative events than you are wrong.
  • If you think, thinking positively will make you achieve whatever you want, then it’s also not positive thinking. You are not practical here.

All the above points indicate you are thinking wishful not positive. And remember, wishful thinking isn’t positive thinking.

Realistic positive thinking is how you approach a situation., positive approach towards a situation is positive thinking. Doesn’t matter the situation is positive or negative.

Realistic positive thinking is about acting out of fear.

Doesn’t matter what the situation is but you approach positively and act without fear.

Why is positive thinking important?

If you think you can than you are correct, but if you think you can’t than also you are correct.


Yes, and now I hope you know why positive thinking is important.

It’s well said by many successful people that you are correct in both ways if you think you can or you can’t.

When you think that you can than you will achieve your goals. But if you think you can’t than you are thinking negatively and it will happen like that only.

So, if you want to achieve your goals and become successful in your life than you must think positively.

Ok, till now we’ve discussed about what is realistic positive thinking? And, why is positive thinking important?

Now we will discuss what are the benifits of positive thinking?

What are the benifits of positive thinking?

There are many benifits of positive thinking which we can’t mention in this one article, but we will discuss a few of them.

1. Increased life span.

People who aren’t optimistic suffer. Why?

It’s because, the people who think negatively are always under the stress clouds and when it rains they are exposed to various physical and mental disorders.

Which ultimately causes decreased life span.

But optimistic people always approach any kind of situation positively, so the wind of positivity blows away the stress clouds.

That’s why I said thinking positively increases life span.

2. Eliminate Depression and Distress.

As we discussed above, optimistic thinking completely eliminates depression and distress.

It doesn’t mean that there will be no stress in your life, but there will be no effect of stress on your life.

If you think that, if I think positively than there will be no stress, than it’s wishful thinking.

3. Increased Immunity

Research proves that stress suppress the immunity cells.

Optimistic thinking increases immunity cells. Hence it increases immunity resulting in a better and healthy life.

you have noticed that people who are always dull and Pessimistic, are more often suffering from common cold than people who are active and optimistic.

4. Better psychological and physical health

Positive thinking improves your physical and psychological health as well.

Thinking positive or negative is completely depend on the psychology of a person and the environment around him/her.

But if you try thinking positive than you can improve your psychological health as well as of those who surround you.

5. Cardiovascular Health

Heart and brain are the most important organs of a human body and thinking positive affects both.

We have Discussed about the brain part, but what about the heart?

Thinking positively will affect your cardio vascular health.

It’s proved that people who are optimistic have a very low chance of heart diseases. Chances of heart attacks and strokes are extremely low in theses kind of people.

6. Infinite energy

yes, when you have a positive approach towards any situation, than its very rare that you are going to quit.

You have that infinite source of energy which never let you give up because, you can do it!

Moreover physically also your energy reserves will be increased too.

7. Improved life quality

Money only doesn’t improves your life quality, it’s only an ingredient in the whole recipe.

When you think positively you get rid of all the extra stress and enjoy each and every moment.

For living a happy life you must have free time, which you can manage by reading about time management.

Also ReadImportance of time management

8. Faster recovery

Are you from India?

If yes, than you must have watched ” Munna Bhai MBBS”.

In the movie, it is shown that how much positive thinking matters in healing.

Its observed that optimistic people always recover faster than the pessimistic. It’s because optimistic people always think, they will recover soon, but pessimistic thinks negative, like this can be more severe etc.

9. Improved emotional well being

When you think positive than you can emotionally connect with people.

More importantly, positive thinking can improve your controlling power on your emotions and you can think logically.

Because if you think negatively that fear will overcome your logical thinking and which is not good.

That’s why being emotionally well is also necessary.

10. Greater problem solving skill

It is also an excellent point. Everyone runs into problem many time even in one day.

People who think positive, means they approach the problem positively than there is ninety percent chance the problem will be solved.

Rather, what people do is that they got panic and start complaining. But they never think of solving the problem.

11. Increases your creativity

Being creative is very important in the present era. If you don’t think something unique and creative, than there is a very minimum chance that you will succeed.

But thinking positively also give you an upper hand in being creative.

12. Clever thinking

Positive thinking opens up your mind. When you think positively your mind spreads the point of view, giving you two more benifits:

  • Clever thinking.
  • Ability to learn faster.

13. Improve relationships

Thinking positively helps you improve your relationships. How?

When you think positive, you always try to focus on the positive part and ignore the negative part.

You always try to give them a chance and help them think positive too.

Your positive vibes always attracts and effect people.

How to know if you think negative?

Ok, we’ve discussed the concept of positive thinking and it’s benifits. Now how do you know if you think negative or not?

We’ll now discuss some cases which can help you determine whether you think negative or not.

  1. Polarizing: It’s a very interesting concept. Let us take an example.Suppose you are invited in a marriage where most of the people don’t know you. Then they ask you to join them and dance. If you are an optimistic person than you will join them. But if you’re a pessimistic than you will start wandering, can I dance properly. Hmm a little bit. Then why shouldn’t I go and join them? But then you will think: I am not a expert at this and I shouldn’t be doing this because I know very little about this. That’s it you got the point, if not comment below.
  2. Catastrophizing : Suppose you went to a coffee shop, and you ordered one. But, you got the wrong order. Here starts, Oh no I got my order wrong, now my whole day is ruined or why this only happens with me etc. That’s called Catastrophizing and you should avoid it.
  3. Personalizing: Ok, again you plan to have a coffee with your friend. But for any reason your friend rejects. Than again, You start what a waste I am? Or Noone wants to go with me or I am of no use etc. This is personalizing.
  4. Filtering: You work in office, suppose. You have a task and you completed it perfectly and also got appreciated for it. But then again you start working and at the end of the day you totaly forgot about the achievement and just complain yourself about the work you have to do.

Still confused?

Don’t worry, in the next section we are going to discuss the side effects and than you can confirm.

What are the side effects of negative thinking?

There are some side effects of negative on both mental as well as physical health.

  • Headache It is normal for short time( 1-2day max.). But if it continues for more than that than you should be alerted.
  • Body aches It can be normal but if for long time than over mental stress can be the reason.
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Anger
  • Mental stress
  • Cynicism

if these exists for short time maximum l1-2days than no concern, but if longer than it is of concern.

Some major health affects:

  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Strokes
  • Lung, or breast cancer,etc.


How can you think positively?

This is the most important part.

Take pen and paper so that you can remember the main key points.

Or, directly get the main points of this post in your mail box.

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So, let’s get started….

1. Avoid Negative self talk

Self talk is very important if you want to succeed in your life because by doing it you know yourself more and more.

But negative self talk is very bad for you and for your self esteem.

If you manage to avoid negative self talk than you can definitely think positively.

Most of the time many of us always do negative self talk and pay for it. Remember what you say to yourself you become.

2. Journal writing

Research prove that journal writing is effective.

When you write about your good and bad experiences everyday and thank for what good have happened to you than positive vibes are produced and after certain time your brain will always think positively.

If you want to have money or achieve success than you should read Think and grow rich by Robert Hill. It will show you a six step technique similar to journal writing.

3. Analyse your daily routine

This is very important step.

You should analyse yourself whenever you have the time.

Think of the time when you think negative and try to control your thought. If they get out of control then start asking yourself why? what? etc.

4. Change for good

In the last step we have discussed that you have to analyse yourself.

Now if you found something that is wrong or causes negative thoughts than what’s the solution?

Simple, change yourself.

Change is the law of nature. So, change for good.

5. Identify areas to change

It’s also very important.

In the 3rd step we have discussed to analyse yourself and in 4th step we discussed to change yourself.

But what if the source of negativity is another person or another thing?

simply avoid that person or that thing.

Time for personal experience – I’ve watched a Bollywood web series named scam 1992 and was demotivated for almost days after that so I decided not to watch any such web series again.

6. Try humor

I know many have adviced you this but it didn’t work.

So what, give it a try one more time who don’t like jokes.

7. Healthy Routine

It’s necessary for both physical as well as meant health.

Keep your routine a healthy one. Add some exercise to it and some free time for yourself.

PLUS- Meditation is must for your mental well being.

8. The surrounding

We become like those who surround us.

Always keep yourself surrounded with positive minded people.

Because they will only transfer positive thoughts and vibes to you and which will help you alot.

You don’t have to worry about that because you will find them without even trying.

Negative minded people always complain while the positive minded people will always try to find the solutions.

9. A positive note

In journal writing we discussed what you have to do at the end of the day. Now what about the start?

You must start your day with a positive note.

It may be something which motivates you. But it has to be in one sentence only.

You have to think of that every day when you wake up.

10. A place where no one follow

I’m not talking about journey to Almighty.

I meant that you should have a place where you can feel the presence of nature and no one can disturb you.

You should avoid taking any technical devices there.

Just feel the positive vibes from the nature.

11. Creativity shines

Be creative. It doesn’t mean you have to try something different or unique.

Just be passionate and do whatever you like.

If you like reading, than read or painting or Sketching or drawing or writing etc.

Do whatever you like because it also emits positive vibes.

12. The present

don’t worry about what had happened in past or what is going to happen in future, just think of present.

Many person think negative about either what they have done in past or what they are going to do in future. But that doesn’t matter because now you can’t change what had already happened.

So don’t worry about the past or future, just make your present shine.

13. The power of words

Words carry inside them a very strong power.

Like I said, if you say you can than you are correct and if you say you can’t than also you are correct.

So choose your words carefully.

Some examples are:

  • I can’t do it vs I’ll try it another way.
  • I’m too late for this vs I can complete the important ones as much as I can.
  • There is no way it is possible vs I will do it my way.

16. Borrow positivity

I’m not joking. Seriously you can.

Whenever you feel it’s impossible to be positive now than just spend time with those whom you think are positive.

Keep in mind:

You should keep the following things in your mind when you are practicing positive thinking:

1. Set Meaningful Goals

Its important for anything literally whatever you want to achive.

So set meaningful goals and devote yourself completely towards them.

2. Give Yourself Enough time

You must give yourself enough time. It’s necessary because if you are trying to start thinking positively instantly than it’s not gonna happen you have to practice hard.

3. Never Give up

Only those succeed who never give up. So don’t worry if it takes time, give it time and see the results.

You can give up whenever you want so why give up now.

4. Feeling Demoted?

It’s a part of the journey. If you want to succeed than you must pass through it.

You can do the following:

  • Award yourself for all achievements doesn’t matter if it is big or small.
  • Look at those whom you admire, it will definitely help.
  • Spend time with someone whom you think is positive.

The Bottom Line

Positive thinking is important and easy to develope.

So, we let’s take a quick revision:

What's realistic positive thinking?

Realistic positive thinking is how you approach a situation., positive approach towards a situation is positive thinking. Doesn’t matter the situation is positive or negative.

Why is positive thinking important?

If you think you can than you are correct, but if you think you can’t than also you are correct.

When you think that you can than you will achieve your goals. But if you think you can’t than you are thinking negative and it will happen like that only.

So, if you want to achieve your goals and become successful in your life than you must think positively.

What are the benefits of positive thinking?

There are many benefits of positive thinking:

  • Increased life span.
  • Eliminates depression and distress.
  • Improved emotional well being.
  • Better psychological and physical health.
  • Improved cardiovascular system.
  • Improved life quality.
  • Increased creative skills.
  • Clever thinking.
  • Greater problem solving skills.
  • Improved relationship.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Infinite energy.
  • Faster recovery from injuries.

How to know if you think negative?

Following habits represent the pessimistic mindset:

  1. Personalization You take blame on yourself without any fault and thinks that you are not worth it.
  2. Filtering You hinder the appreciation behind the work load or any other thing.
  3. Catastrophizing You always guess that your whole day is going to be negative as you got wrong order in the coffee shop.
  4. Polarizing If I’ll do it than I’ll do it perfectly or otherwise not. They fear of mistakes.

We have discussed all if them in detail in the prior sections.

What are the side effects of negative thinking?

There are some:

  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Mental stress
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Anger
  • Cynicism
  • Heart problems.

How can you think positively?

You can develope a habit of positive thinking by trying following things:

  • Avoid negative self talk.
  • Journal writing.
  • Analyse your daily routine.
  • Change yourself for good.
  • Identify areas to change.
  • Surround yourself with positive minded people.
  • Try humor.
  • Start your day with positive note.
  • Talk with nature
  • Shine your creative skills.
  • Choose your words carefully.
  • Focus on present.
  • Healthy routine.
  • Borrow positivity.

Ok good luck and hope you will let us know in the comment box whether this blog helped you or not.

Have any quarries, comment below.

If you want us to cover any topic than please comment below or contact us.

Have any suggestions regarding the writing style or quality. Please feel free to comment below or contact us.


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