Think and Grow Rich 13 Principles

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Have you noticed the title is “Think and Grow Rich” rather than “Work Hard and Get Rich” or something like that.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was published in 1937. Yet Napoleon started working on the book approximately 25 to 30 years before the publish year.

Napolean was working with a magazine company which interviewed successful businessman and entrepreneurs.

Once Napoleon had a 3 hour meeting with Andrew Carnegie, which ultimately turned into a 3 day meeting and changed the life of Mr. Hill.

Actually Mr. Carnegie was looking for someone who can compile all his experience and others so that it could be available for everyone, and he found Mr. Napoleon.

On the third day of meeting Mr. Carnegie asked Mr. Hill to write the book and Hill took only 29 seconds to reply provided Mr. Carnegie would fix the meetings.

With a research of almost 25 years Mr. Hill came up with the best seller of all time, 100 million copies sold as per 2015,Think and Grow Rich.


Think and Grow Rich 13 Principles

As the title suggests the book completely focuses on how can we think and get rich. Literally, you just need to think the right way.

There are two parts of our mind, first one is conscious mind compare it with a bucket of water, and second one is Sub conscious mind it’s comparatively millions of oceans. What is really funny here is, we can control how sub conscious mind works and the book let us understand that only.

You will get to know the 13 principles by which you can succeed in your life. Also a six step guide for turning desire into it’s physical equivalence. If you have a plan, then keep your brain open while reading the book because it may bring fortunes to you too.

This book includes various concepts such as desire, faith, imagination, auto-suggestion etc.

If you follow this book as author says, then you can develope your sixth sense.

Alright let us discuss what you can learn from this book.

What will you learn?

You can learn so many things from this book, some of them will be so obvious but still we don’t even have a clue about them and their infinite powers.

We will divide and discuss this section in four parts:

  • The Conscious and Sub conscious mind.
  • How can you program your sub conscious mind?
  • Turning desire into its physical equivalence.
  • The 13 principles.

l. The Conscious and sub conscious mind

Your subconsciously mind is billion times more powerful than your conscious mind.

The three main key points of sub conscious mind are:

  • Your sub conscious mind is always working.
  • Your sub conscious mind is objective that is, it only understands the language of emotion.
  • Your subconscious mind is controlled by the conscious mind.

First, your sub conscious mind is always working, it means. If you want to grab in something or not, it will happen without any need of your attention.

Author says, as your mind is always working so it absorbs all and everything so be careful and practice to focus and think about positive ones only.

It’s important to keep a check on it because you will become what your subconscious mind grabs, knowingly or unknowingly.

Second, As we discussed above your subconscious mind takes in everything but note that it acts on only those thoughts which are emotionally attached.

Whether you think, you are going to be rich or poor, you will become what your emotions are attached with.

Maybe out of fear, you are thinking negative and getting emotional than mind it, that’s going to be true, but instead you should always approach positively even though it’s a fearful situation.

Third, this is the most important part. Although your conscious mind can’t control your subconscious mind directly, but can control the input, the information going to it.

Directly or indirectly, you will get the results which you want.

So, let us know, discuss how can you program your subconscious mind.

ll. How to program your subconscious mind?

There are five steps to program your subconscious mind:

1. Definite Purpose

You have to have a definite purpose and a burning desire for achieving something.

This point seems easy to understand so we will go with one example only:

Once an army of 600 soldiers attacked a naval fort where they arrived via ships. But when they heard that the enemy has a 100 times bigger army the soldiers started to planning to retrieve. The Commander got tensed but came up with an idea of burning the ships. Now soldiers had no chance except fight so due to their definite purpose and burning desire to live they won the battle.

Author says you must have a 100 percent desire because if you lack only 1 percent only than also subconscious mind will get to know about it.

You have to have a burning desire for achieving this goal.

2. Auto-suggestion

This concept is very important for you to succeed. You have to tell your subconscious mind that you want that thing and can do whatever it takes, your subconscious mind will give you what you want.

We’ll discuss this point later in detail.

3. Use the power of emotions

As we discussed before, if you want that your subconscious mind cares about the thing for which you are trying to convince it than your thoughts should be attached with emotions.

The third step is to feel whatever you want. Your emotions must lie within your thoughts regarding what you want.

4. Visualization and Acting

This step is very simple, you just have to close your eyes and visualize that you have achieved your goals.

Visualizing is completely different from day dreaming. Don’t start day dreaming.

in visualization you visualize each and every detail, even the smallest one you can.

Also you have to act as you have achieved it.

5. Persistence and Repeatition

You have to be persistent and repeat this daily twice a day.

Persistence is needed no matter whatever you do.

Book says if you want to succeed than follow these steps no matter how childish they look to you.

lll. Turning desire into physical equivalence

Hill provide a six step formula for turning your burning desire into its physical equivalence.

Note :Author says you must follow as it is mentioned, don’t make any changes no matter how childish it looks to you.

Following are the six steps through which you can turn your desire into its physical equivalence:

1. A specific number

In the first step author asks you to think of a specific amount of money which you want to acquire.

Remember exact number.

2. In Return

In the second step you have to think of what you will give in return.

Suppose you are good at sales than you have to think of it and if you are good at investing than you have to think about that.

3. A specific date

You have to decide a specific date by which you want to acquire the money.

Think a meaningful date in the first place, never mind to change again and again.

4. Definite Plan

Make a detailed plan a flexible one but according to dates mentioned in the first time only.

You have to make a suitable plan, because you can’t change it over the time until you reach your goal.

Make sure your plan is flexible and can adapt changes without changing the dates.

5. Write Down All the 4 Steps Above

You should write down all the above four steps on a piece of paper I mean physical, no e-paper.

place it over a place where it is visible to you for maximum time.

6. Read Aloud

You have to read all that you have written, twice a day.

The first thing in the morning when you wake up and the last thing when you go to bed.

Repeat it everyday untill you succeed.

lV. The 13 Principles

The thirteen principles are the thirteen chapters of the book and each of them is very important.

So, let’s start the counting:

1. Desire

Authors talks about the burning desire which is the basic foundation, that if you want to succeed than you must have a burning desire.

Look at any successful person, everyone has a burning desire of doing something, look at Edison, Gates, Ford or anyone and they have achieved what they desired. Many people fail because they have wishes not burning desires.

2. Faith

After desire what you need to do is to have faith in yourself and in your team.

If you don’t have faith in yourself then why will your subconscious mind trust you?

Faith is the antidote of failures.

Everyone wants to spend time with someone who is more positive and confident.

3. Auto-suggestion

We have discussed the concept of auto-suggestion when we were discussing about turning our desire into its physical equivalence.

4. Specialized Knowledge

In the long term, specialized knowledge is way better than general knowledge.

For eg. A doctor having specialized knowledge in any one field, earns much more than another having little knowledge in every field.

There are many ways of getting specialized knowledge i.e. different online or offline courses.

I prefer having company of other person having specialized knowledge in your field or any other.

I personally don't agree with this because if you have specialized knowledge of any field than you become dependent on that, I'm not saying about mugging up waste knowledge but if you are starting a business than you should have at least some knowledge of every field. You should have a specialized knowledge but also some knowledge in different fields of your corporation. 

5. Imagination

What is now proved was once only Imagined.

~William Blake

It’s well said that Humans can create anything they can imagine.

Hill says, if you want to succeed in compelling your subconscious mind to take only positive ideas inside than you should imagine.

What you have to imagine?

You know the answer, whatever you want to be, you have to imagine that you are that person now and you have to visualize each and every specific details which you can think of.

6. Organized Planning

Its time to take actions now.

You must create an organized and a flexible plan. You must keep in mind if you receive failure than simply accept them and as I said, build flexible plans so that you can make changes.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

 ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

7. Decision

Making quick decision and relying on those is better than taking long time to decide but changing mind quickly.

Author says, the only difference between decision making of successful and unsuccessful people is how long they stick to their decisions.

Be quick in making quality decisions but wait before quitting.

Quitters never win, winners never quit.

8. Persistence

It always seems impossible until it is done.

– Nelson Mandela

Never give up, have faith and just be persistent and you will succeed.

Having a strong will power is enough but these factors also affects persistence:

  • Procrastination
  • Lack of interest
  • Indecision
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Indifference

9. The Power of Master Mind

Mastermind refers to brains of their team.

If you want to succeed, you must have a quality team which can provide you the information which is needed.

Always Include those people in your team who are more intelligent than you.

10. Sex Transmutation

Sexual drive (the thoughts of physical expression) can be transmuted into highly creative and productive outlets, used as a powerful force for success, or, of course, the accumulation of riches. It requires the exercise of will-power, but the reward is worth the effort.

11. The Subconscious mind

As we discussed above, the subconscious mind can be linked by emotional thoughts.

According to author, these are some positive emotions:

  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Enthusiasm
  • Romance
  • Hope

While on the other hand the seven strong negative emotions are:

  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Revenge
  • Greed
  • Superstition
  • Anger

12. The Brain

Our human brain act as both broadcasting and receiving.

Our subconscious mind is the sender and our creative mind is the receiver, they are amplified by positive or negative emotions.

You must read this and the next chapter very carefully.

13. The Sixth Sense

Once you have developed all the above twelve qualities, than you can go for this one.

You can achieve your sixth sense by meditation and mindfulness.

V. The six ghost of fear

Author discussed the six type of fears which you should overcome.

  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of loss of love of someone
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of ill health.

The solution he mentioned about there fears is simply by accepting it.

Want to Buy? First Check these out!

There are various things you should consider before buying a book. The important ones are mentioned below:

1. Is it productive?

The most important thing is whether the book is a productive one or just waste of time.

Don’t take it another way. Entertainment books are also of two types; productive or the time waster.

whether you read any kind of book, first think that whether it’s going to help you or not.

If you find a productive book than you should buy it even if it put a load on your pocket.

2. Have you read any similar book?

This is also an important thing you should think of.

Before buying any book first go and read the reviews of that book and try to find out whether you have read the book or not.

In my opinion if 60 per cent of book is similar to one you read, until this you can think of buying the book. If the number goes beyond that than you should go for another book, because there are plenty of books available.

It’s upto the book if the book contains valuable knowledge in remaining 40 percent also, than you should go with it.

3. The book is practical or not?

You first have to think whether the book is usable in practical life or not.

Because if you have million of philosophical information but you can’t use it practically than what’s the point of the book.

4. Is it useful in the technology era?

Many books are there which contains very much valuable information but the information is too old that it’s not usable in the practical life.

If you want you can buy, but try to read books which are applicable in the present era.

5. Is it worth the value?

You should think of the strain that the book is going to put on your pocket.

But I’ve put this point in last because if you read valuable books that are applicable in present era than they will give you the knowledge 1000 times of the value.

But it’s completely your decision, so buy if you want to.

Why you must buy this book?

I don’t think after reading the whole article whether you should read this book or not.

Anyways, I’ll be glad to tell you why you must read this book, because personally I have read it four times.

1. Full of productivity

In my opinion, this book is very much productive. But the only part which I didn’t liked was the factual data, I know factual data is important but it was too much.

But overall,this book is must read and productivity-rich content.

2. Test of Time

This book has stood against the rest of time, and proved it’s valuable content for almost 10 decades.

And it’s content is still valid, and will be valid for centuries.

3. Practical Book

Although book may seem philosophical but it’s content is based on the practical life of hundreds of successful people.

It’s content is practical and you can also add it to your life.

4.The Best Seller

Around 100 million copies of this book are sold.

5. Worth the Value

Napolean Hill spent his life’s 25 years in this book, there is no doubt this book is worth it’s value.

6. Overview

let’s take a quick view on the details:

Productive ✔Too much factual data ❌
Test of time ✔
Best seller ✔
Worth the value✔
Practical ✔

Our Offers

Will be updated.

Final Suggestions

Think and Grow Rich, the all time best seller book by Napoleon Hill who spent 25 years of his life writing this book.

I have only one suggestion left for you now. Just grab the book and read it at least twice.

Hope it helped.

Have any suggestions, please comment or send us feedback from here.

Have any quarries comment below or contact us.

If you want us to review any book or publish posts on any topic then you are most welcome.

Good luck. See you soon!


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