Short Stories About Friendship

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Hi, we are back with another interesting list of short stories about friendship.

Friendship is the best relationship a person can have, but it’s very important to have good friend, so we are here with a list of short stories about friendship, with morals for helping you out.

  1. Two true friends
  2. Sand and Stone
  3. Friends and the bear
  4. Rosie and Penny
  5. Caring is everything
  6. Truth of the talking Tree
  7. Friend or best friend
  8. Friends in classroom

1. Two true friends

There were two friends, who always wanted to join army together.

After hard practice and dedication, they both joined the army and were extremely happy as they both wanted this.

Few years later. They got a chance to go on a war and while fighting for their country, one friend got shot and was dying.

Second friend was going to rescue his friend but his commander ordered him to stay at his position and fight. His commander added that he cannot save his friend it’s too late.

but he didn’t listen and went to rescue his friend. He came with his friend on his shoulders, his friend was dead. Commander said ‘I told you, you could not be able to save your friend.’

but he said ‘when I went to my friend, he was dying but with a smile he said that he knew I would go to save him.’ Those were his last words.


Never break someone’s trust, specially if that someone is your friend. A true friend stands with you in every ups and downs.

2. Sand and Stone

Once there were two friends, Jack and Ron. They were walking on a beach and Jack got angry and slapped Ron.

Ron didn’t react but silently wrote something on send ‘today my best friend slapped me.’

After few days, they went to the beach again. Ron didn’t knew how to swim and he was trying to learn but suddenly a small wave came and he panicked and started drowning and struggling and he passed out.

Jack quickly rescued Ron and took him to the beach, when Ron came back to his senses he wrote on stone ‘today my best friend saved my life.’

Jack got confused and asked Ron ‘when I slapped you, you wrote it it on sand. When I saved you, you wrote on stone’ why?

Ron replied and which is the moral of this story, ‘when someone hurts us, we must write it on sand so wind can blows it away. But when someone do good for us, we must write it on stone so wind cannot blows it away.’

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3. Friends and the bear

Sam and Asher lived in a small village. That village population was around 400 to 500 people including children.

Whole village knew that Sam and Asher were best friends because they had same likes and dislikes.

Sam and Asher always loved to go out on adventures. One day, they decided to go on an adventure in forest.

They reached to the forest and promised each other that they will support each other in every situation.

They were wandering in the forest and suddenly they saw a big bear coming towards them.

Sam panicked, ran towards a tree e and climbed up on that tree leaving Asher behind. Although he knew, Asher didn’t know how to climb a tree.

But Asher was intelligent. He read somewhere that bear don’t eat dead bodies. He laid down and pretended like he was dead. When bear came near to Asher, he took a deep breath and held it.

bear came to him and sniffed his whole body for a moment and went away thinking that Asher was dead.

After the bear went far away. Sam came down from the tree and asked: what did bear said to you?

‘Sam thought that bear was talking to Asher when it was sniffing Asher.’

Sam replied:- the bear gave me an advice, make a true friend. Not just those who like things which you like.


Choose your friends really carefully.

4. Rosie and Penny

Friends are everything, Rosie and Penny were two best friends. They used to do everything together.

They enjoyed their childhood and after that, they went to same college.

In college, they fell in love and after college they got married. After that they went with their husbands.

Rosie and Penny were always in touch, they talked on phone for hours. Two years later Rosie had her first child. Rosie was very happy and then she called Penny. Penny got happy, excited and congratulated Rosie. In the later years Rosie was expecting her second child. With the tests Rosie knew, she is going to have her second girl.

Rosie called Penny and told her the good news, but this time Penny had a bad news. Penny told Rosie that she had some medical issues and she can’t have any child, just after saying this she started crying.

Seven Months later Rosie came to Penny’s house, they both were very happy to see each other and Penny was excited to see Rosie’s first child and took care of Rosie as she was seven months pregnant.

Penny loved Rosie’s first girl like a mother and Rosie just wanted to saw that. Then after two days she observed Penny’s behaviour towards her first girl, she took out some legal documents from her purse. Rosie said that she and her husband wants Penny to be their second girl’s Mother.

Penny got surprised and shocked but few moments she cried a little, called her husband and gave him the good news. Promised Rosie that she will love ‘second girl’ like her own Mother.

Rosie was very happy and they both cried. This gave those two children the love of two mothers and two fathers.


When you make someone happy, you will feel happy but if that someone is your best friend you will feel extraordinarily happy.

Short stories about friendship, is a collection of beautiful stories which can help you with differentiating good friends and bad friends.

5. Caring is everything

A long time ago, there were two such friends who loved each other very much. Both lived together since childhood, time passed and both grew up. One name was Dev and the other name was Steven, Dev was part of a very poor family. While his friend Steven was from a very rich family. Friends, both childhood and youth are strange aspects of life, everyone has time in childhood, but as a person grows up, he gets lost in his work and responsibilities and does not know when life is over. Similarly, the two friends also met very rarely.

Time passed and one day Dev’s health got very bad and he was lying at home. After two or three days Steven came to know and came to meet Dev and withdrew some money. He didn’t even ask him how are you doing now, just paid money and said, get your medicine done. Dev felt very sad, he became very sad in his heart. Gradually, Dev got right and started going to his work again and when he collected the money, he came to meet Steven and returned his money. But he could not forget what Steven did to him.

Time passed and one day Steven’s health deteriorated and the doctor asked him to take rest. When Dev came to know about this, he left all his work and came to Steven and started serving him night and day. He did not leave until Steven was completely cured. When Steven got well, he came to meet Dev and was very worried and said that you have returned my money, but how will I repay this charity of yours. From that day he had come to know that money is not everything. Dev hugged him and said, I just wanted you to know about this and you got to know. I am very happy today.


Many many times, money is not everything. Sometimes love and respect what people needs.

6. Truth of the talking Tree

Once there were two friends, Arun and Monu. Arun was good in nature while Monu was opposite of it. They grew up together in a village.

When they reached their adulthood, Arun became intelligent and had extremely good marketing skills but Monu didn’t liked studying since childhood.

One day, Monu thought by using the marketing ability of Arun, he can earn big. So he planned something.

Next day Monu went to Arun and said they should go to city and with Arun marketing skills, they should earn more. Arun liked the idea and agreed.

They packed their luggage and started their journey. In their journey to city to city and earning, they earned a lot and decided to go back to their village.

when they were about to reach their village, Monu said that it’s possible someone may steal our money if we we took this much money to home.

Monu suggested, they should hide their money somewhere in the forest. Arun thought that Monu was right and agreed.

That night, Monu went to that place where they hid all their money and stole all the money.

After two days, Arun came to Monu and said that he needed some money. They went to that place but there was no money the place was cleaned. Monu shouted, only we knew where the money is. You stole all the money, I want my share and after saying this he went to court and filed a case against Arun.

In court, Judge asked for evidence or witnesses. Monu said that the Lord of forest knows the truth and the Lord will tell everyone the truth. Judge ordered, next morning at 11:00 am everyone will arrive there.

Monu knew the truth, he ran to his father and told him everything that how he betrayed Arun. He told his father, there is a big tree in the forest and he have to hide in the hollow of that tree.

Next morning, when everyone arrived there. Monu shouted ‘Lord of the forest, you know the whole truth. Tell us who stole the money?’

Father hidden in the hollow of the tree shouted back “Arun had stolen all the money.”

Then judge and others sat down to decide what punishment they should give to Arun. But Arun had understood Monu’s plan and in the meantime, he filled that tree hollow with rags(cloths that are very old and torn) and hay(grass that has been cut and dried for use as animal food) and then threw a matchstick into the hollow.

Fire started and Monu’s father came out of the hollow and had to tell the whole truth. After listening to father confession, Judge punished Monu.


You have to keep a distance from people with bad intensions otherwise you’ll have to pay for their wrongdoings.

Our list of short stories about friendship, also includes interesting tales which you may like, so have a look.


1. Friend or best friend

Two friends were walking on a beach. One friend asked, I’m your friend or your best friend?

And by replying to this second friend asked,
“What is the difference between a friend and a best friend?

His friend said,

“A friend is for life, but a best friend is Life.

2. Friends in classroom

There were two friends in a classroom,

They were very naughty and always trouble their teachers.

One day Teacher said: You two have ruined the class discipline. Call your parents tomorrow. We need to talk.

Seeing their parents enter the class together, the

old teacher laughed like crazy. I had enough of you

two in my class. And you sent me these two little

monsters again? You want me dead or what?

When two best friends send their kids as best friends to the same school. The legacy lives.

Final Words…

Okay so it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll see u soon!


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