Inspiring Short Stories On Positive Attitude

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Looking for some quick positivity, welcome here, we have must read inspiring short stories on positive attitude.

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

Walt Whitman

You must have heard attitude is everything, but I think it should be positive attitude here.

Although, you have read it hundreds of times, but it’s worth repeating:

A glass half filled of water, there are two cases. First is it’s half filled and second is half empty.

Having positive attitude is very important.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is how you approach a situation., positive approach towards a situation is positive thinking. Doesn’t matter the situation is positive or negative.

And, that approach depends on your attitude.

You can read more about positive thinking here.

Okay, the stories are in order:

  1. The Surprise Test
  2. The King with One
  3. Things Gone Wrong
  4. Happens For Good
  5. Power of Words
  6. The Wise Donkey

Okay, so let’s start with the first one.

The Surprise Test

Suddenly, door opened.

(Professor came in with some white sheets)

Good morning professor!

Good morning everyone, (arranging the white paper he had.)

It only took few moments for students to guess.

A Surprise Test, one said

Yes, replied professor.

With a few arrangements and students asking for time, Professor started distributing the papers, ignoring the requests.

As usual, he kept the sheets on the respective tables and asked the students to start.

As soon as professor said ‘start’, everyone turned over the sheets, like competing with each other.

They seemed soldiers of an army competing with each other, fully prepared – But Wait!

What happened to them?

All of them stopped, looking at each other’s faces, expecting for help!

Okay, is there any problem – asked professor

They all replied, it’s blank, nothing is here etc. at the same time – it seems the batalion was co-operating.

Professor replied, explain whatever you see on the sheet.

After a clear look, they all noticed a black dot in the center of the sheet.

Professor announced: You have 10 minutes, just explain everything you see on the sheet – It seemed, he was trying to give a hint.

(After 10 minutes)

Professor collected the sheets, and read aloud everyone’s answers.

Everyone wrote about the black dot, it’s size and location, as expected.


No one, literally no one noticed the white part. They focused too much on the black dot, that they forgot the thousand times larger white part.

Professor told them, that like this only all the people focus on infinite small problems and forget about the million times bigger happiness they already have.


Don’t focus too much on the problems, that you forget the happiness you have in your life.

Weight Of A Glass

Once a psychiatrist, was addressing an audience about stress management.

She came up with a glass of water, and everyone thought of the same question, this glass is half filled or full?

But she asked, “What is the weight of this glass?

In a few moments, audience shouted answers ranging from few ounces to some pounds.

She replied, “What I think is, the weight of glass doesn’t matter. ”

She explained, it doesn’t matter how heavy is the glass, but what actually matters is how long I hold this glass.

If I hold it for 1 or 2 minutes, it would be light.

If I hold it for 1 or 2 hours, it will cause arm aches,

And, if I hold it fir 10 to 13 house rs, my arm may get cramps forcing me to drop the glass of water.

Everyone aggreed.

Then she said, that’s what stress is, if you hold it for few moments it doesn’t matter but if you hold it for longer period that it can destroy your happiness.

The King With One

Once there was a king, a very good ruler, whom all citizens loved.

He was very intelligent and helped everyone in the kingdom.


The King was handicap, he only had one eye and one leg. But he never minded that.

Once he was taking a walk in the courtyard of palace, where paintings of his forefathers were hung.

He was looking at them proudly, but when he came to the end of the row a vacant space was there for him too.

He got tensed, that how his painting is going to be beautiful, because he didn’t had one eye and one leg.

So, he decided to call upon all the painters of his and neighbouring kingdoms.

After three days, all painters gathered at King’s court.

Then he announced, anyone who will create a beautiful picture of mine, would be rewarded with gems.

All the painters thought how can anyone make a beautiful painting of someone who don’t have one eye and one leg.

No one except one accepted the offer.

Everyone was surprised, how could he?

Even the king was surprised, how can someone make a beautiful painting of such an appearance.

(Months Passed)

After three months that painter came with the painting.

Everyone was so curious to see the painting, that there was no place to stand in the court.

Finally the moment came, it was time for the show.

With a deadly suspence of a few minutes, everyone saw the painting and was surprised like anything.

In the painting, king was riding a horse, so only his one leg was visible and was aiming with bow and arrow, so his one eye was closed to aim.

The king became infinitely happy and gave him one-fourth of his kingdom.


Here everyone focused on what king didn’t had, but that exceptional painter focused on what king had.

So, you must focus on what you have, instead of complaining about what you don’t have.

I hope you’re liking our inspiring short stories on positive attitude. If yeah do tell in the comments.

Things Gone Wrong

There were two farmers lived in a village.

Both of them were equally hardworking and, earned as much to feed themselves.

Both of them when grown old, Lord Yamraj (Lord of death in Hindu Mythology) took both of their souls with him.

Yamraj asked them about the life they spent and asked them to tell their wishes for next life.

First : I’m very angry with the life, I spent my whole life paying loans and other interests to rich people. This time I want money, money comes to me. I don’t have to give money to anyone.

Yamraj : Okay, go and enjoy, your wishes are granted.

Second : I’m fully satisfied with the life I spent, I had enough to feed myself and my family. But I have only one request, this time give me some extra money, so that I can give it to the bagger which always comes but I didn’t had enough to give.

Yamraj : Okay, go on your wishes are granted.

Both born again in the same village.

Many years passed.

This time both were not on the same level.

First : The first farmer was a bagger, as he demanded that money always comes to him and he don’t have to give it to anyone. So, now he don’t have to.

Second : He was the richest man in the village, and as demanded was able to give to baggers.


Always think positive, but with that think wisely and don’t be selfish.

Happens For Good

Characters: Akbar was a great mughal ruler in India. Birbal was one of the navratnas(nine wise courtiers), a very clever and intelligent person. Akbar and Birbal were like close friends.

Once Akbar and Birbal with some soldiers went for hunting. They left the palace in the morning and reached Forest before evening.

They planned to rest there. So, camps were set there.

When both of them were having an evening walk, Akbar placed his hand on a tree for support.

But there was a snake and it bit his little finger.

Soldiers came into action, the snake was throne away, and vaidh(doctor) was called.

Doctor said, we have to cut your little finger from tip to take out the poison, otherwise it will spread in whole body.

Akbar was tensed. Birbal said don’t worry, whatever happens, happens for good.

Akbar got angry and ordered the soldiers to take Birbal under custody. Tie him upside down. And ordered to hang by neck till death after two days.

Next day Akbar went for hunting, but chasing a tiger he gets separated by his army and meantime, Tribesman were looking for someone to sacrifice to God.

They found and captured Akbar. Preparations began for the Sacrificial ceremony.

But at the last moment, when executioner was just about to execute. The chief of tribe noticed that Akbar’s one figure is missing.

There was a rule in their tribe, that a completely healthy person should be sacrificed, so Akbar was set free.

It was already next morning, about 3.00 am. Akbar hurried badly, and finally managed to save Birbal.

He apologized to Birbal.

But Akbar asked, I understood, whatever happened, happened for good. But what is good in it for you.

Birbal was smiling.

And replied, if you haven’t punished me, than I would have been there with you. You were set free because of cut on finger but I have perfectly fine fingers. So, what would have happened to me.

Both laughed aloud.


Whatever happens, happens for good.

Are these inspiring short stories on positive attitude, really heaping you, comment below.

Monkey’s Trap

Once five monkeys were kept in a prison, in which bananaa were tied to the top with a ladder to it.

When one of the monkey tried to climb the ladder for banana, a shower of cold water was released, so the monkey came down.

After some time, the monkey again climbed and shower of cold water was again released. But this time all the rest four monkeys gave a hard beating to that monkey.

Now a different monkey tried to climb the ladder, and the same thing happened and he too got a hard beating.

Now the third, forth and fifth all monkeys tried and got hard beating but no bananas.

Now, one of the monkey was replaced by a new monkey.

He saw the banana and started climb in the ladder, even this time there was NO shower of cold water but still he got a hard beating by the remaining four monkeys.

He tried again, and again got beating without any shower of cold water.

Then another monkey was replaced, he tried to eat banana and got beating without any shower of cold water.

Then third, forth and fifth all the monkeys were replaced.

Now the researchers, we’re not showering any cold water over them but still they were not trying to beat bananas.

They knew if they climb ladder, they will get a hard time but none of them knew why.


That’s what we do in real life, we follow people’s advice and give up on something and they too don’t have any valid reason but fears.

The Joke

Once a wise man faced a group of people who always complaint about their same problem again and again.

One day instead of listening to their complaints, he told them a joke and everyone cracked up laughing.

After some time, the man again repeated the joke.

A few people smiled.

But, the wise man repeated the joke third time, and no one smiled.

Then he said, if you don’t laugh at the same joke more than once, how could you expect one to listen to your complaints again and again. Instead get up and do something about them.

Power of Words

It was around 2.00 in the noon when the boy returned to home with a letter from school.

He said, teacher told only you are to read this letter.

When his mother read the letter aloud, her eyes were filled with tears.

She read:

“Your son is a genius.
This school is too small for him
and doesn’t have good
enough teachers to train him.
Please teach him yourself.”

And she did teach him, until she fell ill.

Many years later, the child became a great inventor that is Sir Thomas Edison.

Some years later his mother passed away.

One day while he was going through her things, he found that folded letter.

He became very emotional after he read it, it said:

“Your son is mentally deficient.
We cannot let him attend our
school anymore.
He is expelled.”


It was Sir Edision’s mothers positive attitude that gave us a great inventor.

These inspiring short stories on positive attitude, are inspiring or not? Let us know, to help us improve.

The Wise Donkey

Once a farmer had a pet donkey. The donkey was considerably old.

There was a well near farmers house, and he was planning to cover it.

One day, the donkey fell into that nearby well. It started crying aloud for help!

First farmer thought of saving him, but he realised, that anyway he was going to die. So, it’s better to cover the well.

He called upon his neighborhood and all of them started covering the well.

As soon as donkey realized, he was buried alive, started crying even louder.

When they, started covering the well, as they throw sand on donkey’s head he would climb up on that sand, again and again and again.

Finally, he was out.


I know it was a boring one, but if that donkey didn’t had that attitude, it was definite that he would have burred alive.

Final thoughts

That’s it guys,,that was all on the list of inspiring short stories on positive attitude.if you want to read more stories, checkout our short stories section.

If you want to improve your productivity checkout our free blog on self development.

Okay, guys see u soon.

Have any query, write in the comment section.


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