Importance Of Time Management

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Hope you and your beloved ones are doing well.

Today we are going to talk about the most common problem which 80 percent of people have.

Importance Of Time Management

Yup, it’s time management.

Almost eighty percent of people don’t have sufficient time for their beloved ones and after that also they are unable to meet their professional deadlines.

So today our focus will be on the following topics:

  • What is Time Management?
  • What are the importance(benifits) of time management?
  • What if you don’t manage your time?
  • How can you manage your time?

So, let’s get started….

What is Time Management?

Everyone want to be successful in life, but only those become successful who understand and follow the concept of time management. Why is that so?

It’s because time is the most important asset of our life and have a great role in achieving success. Those who doesn’t value time now will have to pay in future.

Everyone around us make excuses and ask for some more time. But there are very few who know how they can manage their time, which results in a better work life balance. So, let us discuss what is time management exactly?

Time management is a skill which helps you make a strategy about the time which you give to different tasks by prioritizing and eliminating them. Time management helps you give specific time duration for certain task which are most important.

Proper time management leads to a healthier lifestyle, as it will increase your productivity which will positively affect your professional reputation and decrease your stress level. All these will lead to a better work life balance.

So, there are plenty of benifits of time management which we are going to discuss in the following section.

What are the Importance of time management?

There are many reasons why time management is important, and we are going to discuss some of them so that you have a clear idea what are the benifits of time management.

1. Do More In Less Time

Time management will allow you to complete most of your important tasks in comparatively less amount of time.

How and why?

According to 80/20 principle, there are 20 percent of tasks which will lead to 80 percent of your success. So time management will let you know what tasks are important and how much time should you give to them.

How? We will discuss it in later sections.

2. Helps you achieve what you want.

Many people either don’t know what they want to achieve in their life or don’t know how they can achieve their goals?

When you learn about managing your time, you learn how to set priority goals and make to do list. Both of these will provide you a clear picture how you can achieve what you want.

Hence, if you manage your time wisely than you can be successful too, because time only values those who value time itself.

Do you know what you want to achieve in your life? then comment in the below comment box to let others know how they can know what they want to achieve.

3. Better Decision Making.

What do we know to take a good decision?

For taking a good decision what we need is time and information.

Most of the people have the information but don’t have the time to think upon it because they are always racing with deadlines.

So with proper time management you complete your tasks before deadlines and have plenty of free time. Because of which you can think and process the info which you have in your kind and take good decisions.

Many people regret about some of the decision which they took in past, which they want to change. Sorry but they can’t. So take your decisions wisely so that you don’t have to regret for it in future.

4. Makes your success greater

We have already discussed that by managing your time you can achieve your goals and become successful in no time.

But don’t you think that if you have achieved your goals than you can achieve more.

Why not? If you can than you must.

Ok, I have a question for you : What does Success means? Give answers in comment box.

5. Reduces Stress

This one is my favourite.

Everyone have a plenty of stress in the present era.

What causes Stress? When we are unable to achieve our goals and our professional reputation is having a sand bath than the only emotion which we are left with is stress.

Stress can lead to severe diseases and mental disturbances, but managing time reduces stress.


I don’t think I need to explain. Anyway, managing your time will help you achieve you goals increase your professional reputation and helps you with a better place work life balance. All this indirectly cuts the stress from its roots because there is no reason left for us for being in stress.

6. Improves Self discipline

When you will try to implement time management, there will be times when your colleagues or friend will ask you to join them for a coffee break and something like that.

But you can’t. Why?

Because you have to stick to your plan and you have to first complete the task and then enjoy the coffee break.

This will definitely improve your self discipline. And self discipline is the key to success.

Don’t you remember Might Guy’s self rule from Naruto.

Note – Your plan for managing your time must be flexible.

7. Boost Your Confidence

When you will be able to complete you priority tasks before deadlines and have a popular professional reputation, you don’t have to worry about confidence because it will be skyhigh.

I mean achieving your goals will lead to a boost in your confidence.

But, don’t be over confident.

8. Increase your Productivity

Managing your time properly increases your productivity many times.

What is required for being productive, nothing much you should understand your priority tasks and have a clear idea what are your goals and when you are going to work upon them.

By time management you will be able to achieve all of these.

So, in conclusion your productivity and working efficiency will increase drastically.

9. Waste Less Time

When you start learning how to manage your time in the later section you will know about a to do list in which you will learn to create a to do list containing all the tasks which you need to complete.

When you will have one of your own to do list than you don’t have to waste time thinking what you are going to do next etc.

Since you will know what you have to do than you will be in action mode not in thinking mode and which will save you a lot of time.

10. Increased Career Opportunities

When you start completing the tasks and meeting deadlines beforehand than it is guaranteed that your professional reputation will be on sky high.

As a result of which you will be more trustworthy in your field.

Due to which the number of opportunities you get will be increased exponentially because everyone wants that their work is done by a specialist and which you will be.

11. Superior life quality

A life with free time for family and financial freedom is the best in my opinion.

Most of us struggle financially and to overcome that we do hardwork and due to which we spend very less time with our families and friends.

But when you learn to manage your time you will be having a life having both free time for your beloved ones and financial freedom.

Want to know what Financial freedom really means?Comment below if yes.

12. More Leisure Time

One additional benefit of time management is that you will have plenty of free time in which you can enjoy or learn something creative.

Finally, you will get some free time in this busy World.

13. Time for something new

As we discussed above that you will have plenty of free time which you can spend in learning something new.

We all know that a person dies when he stops learning.

So never stop leaning something new. It can be any creative skill or something like that but always try to learn something new.

14. Eliminate Procrastination

What’s procrastination?

When someone procrastinate, in simple terms it means that they waste their time on doing something less important work and when they realise they get covered with stress clouds.

15. Increased energy

By managing your time you are doing most of your priority tasks in less time and hence eliminating lots and lots of hardwork.

By managing your time you work smart and hence have a lot of your energy.

Hence you can spend remaining time and energy with you family or in learning something new.

So, till now we have discussed what is time management? and what are the importance of time management?

Now in the next section we are going to discuss what if you don’t mange your time?

What if you don’t manage your Time?

First of all, Are you serious?

I don’t think you should mess around with time. But if someone have a doubt that what if I don’t manage my time?

The answer is simple, all the points discussed above will be against you I. e.,

  • You will waste more time and complete less tasks.
  • You’ll have trouble achieving what you want.
  • You will find it difficult to take good decision in the shortage of time.
  • You will always try to downgrade your goals instead of achieving more success.
  • Increased level of stress which can result in health problems.
  • No one will care what you say because you yourself won’t care, lack of self discipline.
  • Your confidence will be having a sand bath.
  • Your productivity will suffer.
  • You will waste more and more time here and there.
  • Decreased career opportunities.
  • Poor life quality.
  • No free time.
  • You won’t be able to learn something new as you don’t have enough time.
  • You will procrastinate.
  • Low levels of energy.

Now, let us discuss how can we manage our time.

How to manage your time?

In this section we are going to discuss how you can manage your time, which is the most important section of this article.

So take pen and notebook and write down all the things which you read hereon so that you can remember.

1. Plan Ahead

The first step is to make a to-do list.

In this list you will mention all the tasks which you have to do. And think of the time(approximate) which each task may require.

Remember you have to mention each and every task(except daily morning practices). It can be an evening walk, so mind it mention each and every task.

2. Prioritise and eliminate

In the second step you have to edit your to do list.

First of all you have to arrange these task from high priority to least priority.

Then you have to think of tasks which you can give others.

And the final thing is to eliminate the non important tasks which you think are just wasting your time.

3. Collaborate and Communicate

For tasks which are more time consuming and you have someone in your mind that can help you with it, than must collaborate.

This step depends on you and the task.

If you are doing something and having trouble with it than you must not waste time and contact with the field experts.

4. Be self aware

You have to be self aware of your strength and weakness.

This is crucial because if you are self aware than you will know in which task you must collaborate etc.

This will also help you set meaningful goals. And setting meaningful goals is very important.

5. Set your goals

You have to set meaningful goals because your goals can’t be to small that you achieve them and than stop there. Also they can’t be like I’ll be world’s richest person in seven days etc.

So you must learn to set meaningful goals that can lead you to success.

6. Keep your goals to yourself

You can control your tongue but can’t control tongue of others.

So it’s better you hold your tongue back because we all know people say something.

You can share your goals with someone you collaborate.

it’s best to keep your goals to yourself.

7.Motivate yourself

When everything will be ready you will be working hard to adapt the concept of time management, there will be times when you will think of quitting.

But Never quit.

Motivate yourself, look up to those whom you admire, but never quit.

8. Execute

This is also a very important step. Almost million of people have idea of becoming millionaire but only some of them become because they execute.

So make plans, think, but don’t do over thinking.

Execute on your plans as soon as possible.

9. Avoid Multi tasking

Many people think multitasking is good but even computers can’t multitask.

So avoid multitasking. And focus all your attention in one task and try to finish that as soon as possible and than do any other task.

It only decreases your productivity, so try avoiding it.

10. Find your focus hours

It depends on your environment wether you are productive in early morning or in late night.

So, find your focus hours and try to complete your most important tasks in your focus hours only.

11. Be patient and give your hundred percent

For being able to manage time you have to be patient and give your hundred percent.

If you feel to quit, don’t quit just look upto those whom you admire.

Be patient.

The Bottom Line

Be patient and try to adapt the following characteristics line by one.

Its sure that you will be successful in half the time you think.

So, let’s take a quick revision.

What is Time Management?

Time management is a skill which helps you make a strategy about the time which you give to different tasks by prioritizing and eliminating them

What are the importance of time management ?

Time management is important because,it helps you:

  • Do more in less time
  • Achieve what you want
  • Better decision making
  • Reduces stress
  • Boasts your confidence
  • Improves self discipline
  • Increases your Productivity
  • Achieve greater success
  • Increased career opportunities.
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Superior life quality.
  • Gives you free time
  • Time for something new
  • Waste less time

What if you don't manage your time?

If you don’t manage your time than you will NOT be able to:

  • Do more in less time
  • Achieve what you want
  • Make better decision.
  • stress free
  • Boasts your confidence
  • Improves self discipline
  • Increase your Productivity
  • Achieve greater success
  • Get enough career opportunities.
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Live a superior life quality.
  • Have any free time
  • Have time for something new
  • Waste more time

How to manage your time ?

You can manage your time by doing the following things.:

  • plan ahead.
  • Priorities and eliminate
  • Set meaningful goals
  • Be self aware
  • Collaborative and communicate
  • Avoid multi tasking
  • Find your focus hours
  • Motivate yourself
  • Execute
  • Be patient
  • Give your hundred percent

I hope you understood all the concepts. Still have any queries, comment below.

It’s time to say bye!

Comment below if you want help on any topic, we will be glad to help you.

Have any suggestions? Take a second and guide us.


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