Hacking Your Brain To Boost Productivity

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You are working hard..

You know, what you day-to-day is directly connected with your success. So you work hard enough.

But no matter how hard you work you always get the feeling that you aren’t getting enough done.

If that’s the case with you, than it’s time to work on your productivity.

So here I’m with 21 tips for hacking your brain to boost productivity.

Without wasting your precious time, let’s dive in…

Do you need energy booster?

Many people have the habit of having coffee, every morning as it boosts energy.

But do you really need it?

Why? Because, in the morning time we have our maximum energy with us, and taking coffee isn’t going to give you any more of it. It’s obvious because your energy tanks are already full due to a good night sleep.

Instead, you can have your coffee, between 10 am to 1 pm or even after lunch, if you require it at that time.

I know it was a basic point, but always keep your fundamentals strong.

Hey… Don’t Do This!

Now you woke up. And are with full of your energy.

What should you do, the first thing in the morning?

i can’t tell you what you should do the first thing in the morning, but I can tell you what you should not.

And that’s E-mails…. the unbelievable… Time Killer!

Don’t ever check your inbox, first thing in the morning.

Because if you did, then you are going to pay a very huge price.

Do you know… What you are going to do today?


Dude, get a pen and paper (or your notepad) and just write down the tasks and the specified time period, which you may require to complete the tasks.

Sounds informal?

So here you have it, follow time blocking that is a time management method that asks you to divide your day into blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task, or group of tasks, and only those specific tasks.

Want to know more abouhttps://selfaider.com/5-best-a4-to-do-list-pads/t time blocking and how you can use it?

(I’ll update the link here once I publish the article, soon! )

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Your One Thing!

After the previous point I know you may have a lot of things in your mind, which you need to do.

No? Then you’re way too lucky 😁

Okay, sorry for that!

Now just go through that list and try to find out, the one thing, the one most important thing, which you will finish by today no matter what.

Keep in mind, the task can be way out of your way of success, like calling your granny too.

Peek into your Peak Hours

Okay, it’s time to peek into your daily routine.

Get lens and go…

Now, as you have your one thing in your mind, now you need to have the perfect hours for getting that thing done.

Just go through your routine and try to find out the hours in which you are most efficient and allot that time to your one thing.

If you ask me, the morning time will be best, because your energy is at the maximum level. But it depends on you…

By the way Do people really need advices? Because I don’t know why I gave that advice above… 🤔🤔

Don’t be Scared… Break them Down

Don’t worry if you see that your tasks are humongous, and don’t ever think I can’t do or this or I’m no good at these tasks bla bla..

Hmm,I think that’s Procrastination. What do You think..?

There is very simple way to trick your brain, just break it.

No not your brain, break the human steps into small parts, which are realistic.

Don’t getting it?

Just look at the picture below

Spare some of them…

Great, you have noted all your tasks, but wait a minute before finishing them up.

Just go through your list once again, and this time mark only those tasks which are both important and urgent too.

So, now you have one most important task, then some tasks which needs to be done today because they are urgent as well as important.

The Art of Start

Now you have your full day planned, so it’s time to Act.

With my personal experience, I bet most of the people failed to follow this step. So, doesn’t matter how hard it is, you just start doing your task.

Avoid procrastination at all costs, if you want to takeaway any single thing from this article, it would be this only.

Doesn’t matter how hard it could be, but just start doing the task in hand.

I hope you’ll start the task, here are some things which you should keep in mind while you are working:

Keep Smartphones Out Of Sight

I know this is a very common advice, but believe me it is affective.

You’ve to learn to avoid distractions, because if you started the task and you just did it for 10 mins and there is a call from your friends, and the fact is you can’t say them I’m working, or I’m studying because the obvious reply would be either “woow.. broo.. You are working hard… Wanna be successful…. Ahhm…! ”

And that’s not cool at all.

Turn Off Notifications

it’s digital age, and we’ve to work on our phones and PCs, so we can’t avoid them.

But we can avoid the distractions, how?

You can just turn off the notifications, or block some apps for specific time periods. Even there are chrome extensions which can block specific sites for the time you specify.

Keep in mind, a study shows an employee on average is distracted by notifications in every 8 minutes.

There are some tips which can help you finish up tasks faster:

Learn to Delegate

If I’m working for money, then why should I spend money for getting my work done?

First of all, I’ll be very clear don’t work for money, make money work for you.

By the way that’s not our point here, we’ll discuss that in some other article.

First of calculate, value of one hour of your life with respect to money.

Now let’s suppose your life’s one hour value is 100$, and the task which you want to delegate takes two hours.

And someone is ready to do that in 70$, then its the high time for you to delegate. Why?

Because, you’ll get your two tasks done in those two hours with a profit of 330$.

simple calculation, No?

Ask in the comment box if have any doubts.

Don’t be perfectionist

You don’t have to be perfectionist!

You should work on any task with the best you can but also with the best speed.

Keep in mind if you done 90% perfectly, no need to do it again for getting 100% (wherever possible)

Take Break

You must take breaks wherever Nd whenever it is mandatory and you feel for it.

The fact that you shouldn’t be distracted also applies in your breaks.

Don’t get distracted in breaks and extended them from 5 minutes to half an hour or even longer..


You can use various tools to automate many of your tasks which can help you get more time and rid of extra stress which you feel.

You can use tools for auto-mailing, planning day, tracking your time, fixing meetings etc.

I’ll publish an article on this topic soon, and will put the link here.

Can you see both left and right side at the same time?

I think No.

So, the conclusion from here is that we can’t focus on two tasks at the same time, so don’t ever try to multitask.

For Your General Knowledge…

The term multitasking was first introduced for computers, and later on we so called genius species, used it as a skill and the sad fact is companies are hiring on it’s basis.
But do you know even computers can’t multitask!
Yes they switch between two task with such a great speed that we genius think that they are multi tasking.

Alternative high and low focus hours

Have you ever played Hill Climb Racing?

In the game your vehicle keeps on moving because hill rises up and lowers down, but if it only roses up then it’s definitely impossible to keep moving.

Same as that, you must do hard task then easy task and keep on alternative going.

Some extra tips which you can keep in mind:

Stay Hydrated

This is very important otherwise, you are done for.

You can also set reminders in your daily planner for water consumption because this will boost your body activities.

Make your Brain Exercise

Hmm, many of people do physical exercise but avoid mental exercise, and it’s obvious That both physics and mental exercises are important but still.

How can you exercise your brain?

This can be very exciting because you can solve riddles, puzzles and make your brain find secret order where there seem no order, play brain games like chess etc.

Dedicated Space

This is a work from home situation, so many of us our working from our bedrooms.

And that’s not good, because your brain is trained to sleep in that environment.

Instead you must have a dedicated space for your work, nso that whenever you go to that place a feeling of doing work should come in your mind.

Move Around

I know it’s important to have a dedicated space for work, but this thing is also important.

When you move around, even for a walk to coffee shop can refill your creativity and boost you concentration.

Also, Don’t Overtime

Never work overtime unless it’s extremely important.


I know it’s very difficult to start adapting so many new habits, but you can start with the one which you think is more affective and necessary.

Do share if you have any other tip in the comment box.


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