10 Lines Short Stories With Moral

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A single short story is more effective and inspirational than a long speech. Here’s our list of best10 lines Should Stories with Moral, for instant inspiration and getting motivated.

When you read, feel and live stories, you make stories.

Dharmendra Mayla

Okay, without further discussion let’s dive in!

Choices You Make
The little bird
Do not fear
The Genius Man
The blind target
The dog and the tiger
The Boy And the Kite festival
The Surprise Test
Which goes comes around
Living for Real
The Soap Company
A Wise Donkey
Man who loved his dog
One Sided Talk

Choices You Make

Robin was a very good person, Everyone got happy whenever he arrives because of his different, good and Positive Attitude towards nearly every Situation.

Whenever any of his colleague got upset, he would make them laugh and make them happy by listening to their problems and giving solutions.

One day one of his friend asked, how do you do all this, always positive and a professional attitude. He replied Everyday when I wake up, i know i have two choices be happy or be sad all day, I choose to be happy. I can accept my mistakes and learn from them or i can point out others mistakes, i choose to accept my mistakes and learn from them.

Then he added ‘ If you can be happy with yourself, you can make anyone happy just with your presence.


There are two options being happy or being sad, so choose very carefully. You want to be happy or sad.

These 10 lines short stories with moral are written in a manner that everyone would like to read them and will get to learn something new, something useful.

The little Bird

Once our whole earth caught fire, all the animals were running towards the river to save their life.

An owl also was hurrying towards the river, until he saw a small bird going towards fire, coming back to river, and again going back.

What are doing idiot, asked the owl?

Bird, thought for a second, and then replied, I’m trying to stop the fire.

Are you mad, how can you stop such a big fire?

Bird replied – I’m doing my best, of what I can do.

Our planet was saved by a big fire from big fire when humans and animals worked together.


Always do the best, of what you can do.

Do not fear

Robert was a 16 years old boy, who was so afraid of Ghost and darkness that he never went out at nights.

Many a times, Robert’s friends went for night stays and for parties but he never went with them.

One day, his older brother got an Internship and the timing of his work was from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Now, Robert had to take his brother to work and had to pick him up at 12:30 am. Everyday Robert dropped his brother at workplace but when he had to go to pick his brother, he got scared and say that he got scared by something.

He asked his friends for help and from next day, his friend started going with him. Every night he says “did you saw that” or something, but nothing was there and no one never saw anything.

Next day his friend brought his smart phone and started playing music. Robert was not afraid that night.
He realised that night that all of that he saw, was just in his head. From next day he started going alone to pick his brother listening to music and having fun. After sometime he doesn’t even needed music to go outside at nights.

He was no more scared.


There is fear in the back of everyone’s mind. Don’t get scared by that but play trick with that and overcome that fear.

The Genius Man

A large ship, suddenly stopped due to a technical error, and hence engineering team started working on it.

But they were unable to solve the problem, so the chief engineer was summoned.

He took full three days, his fees for three days but was unable to solve the problem. Then someone recommended the captain of an old man, who has a speciality of fixing these kind of issues.

And hence the old man was summoned.

Old man took some time, took out his hammer and hit smoothly five to ten times on a specific part, and boom the ship was all set to sail.

Captain asked for the charge, 3000$ replied the old man.

Captain shocked and said, 3000 for few hammer taps!

Old man smiling sad, 10$ for hammer tapping and 2990$ for finding out where to tap.


Acquire rare skills.


Once in a Seminar, Speaker held a shining 20 dollar bill in his hand and asked.

Who wants this 20 dollar bill, everyone’s hands went up. Speaker closed his fist where the bill was placed and moved it around until it became crumbled and looked old.

Then Speaker asked again, who want this 20 dollar bill, everybody raised their hands again.

Speaker then dropped that 20 dollar bill on ground and stomped on it and asked.

Who want this 20 dollar bill, all hands went up again.

Like that 20 dollar bill going from shiny to crumbled and old but had it’s worth, everybody goes through hard and very rough situations in their life. But it doesn’t mean theu don’t have any worth now. “Whoever knows you from your childhood, will know all the situations you have been through and will know your worth.


Do your work, work for your dream. Go from every situation which life have for you because at last it will worth it.

I hope you are enjoying our list of 10 lines short stories with moral, if yes then do share your experience in comment box.

The blind target

Once a archery master called his disciple, and asked him to accompany for the target practice, as always he did.

They went to usual sopt, and unpacked their kits.

But this time master said first tie a cloth, so that I can’t see and than fix target wherever you want.

Now accompany me to targeting spot at least 500 feet away from where I can’t see the target, disciple did as instructed.

Disciples was very excited to learn something new.

Soon the master, aimed and took his shot and asked the disciple to go and check out whether it hit.

The disciple was shocked when he saw his master missed by a very long distance, as the bow was nowhere to be found, and told all this to the master.

Master smiled, and said that’s I want to teach you, you can’t hit a target you can’t see or even hear.


Make it clear in your mind what your target is because you can’t hit a target you can’t see.


Once a boy named Jack, planned a very interesting and innovative idea by himself and was extremely happy as his plan does not needed high expenses.

He only told his best friend about this idea, but his best friend said that his idea is not new and many people have done this. He added: it will require time, it’s not that exciting and the idea is good but we should not waste our time on this. He recommended, they should not execute this idea.

But Jack loved this idea. He satrted working on the idea and just after 5 years. Jack’s friend had a decent job while Jack had a business and the cash was coming into his pocket.

Just because of execution.


Don’t just think of ideas and then by listening to others leave those ideas, execute them because most of the people do not execute. Which make takes out 80% of competition.

The dog and the tiger

A man tried to hit a dog with a stick and dog held tight that stick with both hands.

Then he tried to hit a lion with a stick and now that lion ate him.

Dog thought that the stick was the problem but lion knew that the real and actual problem was the person holding that stick.


Many times people focus on the wrong problem. Find the problem of the problem, the actual problem and solve that first.

The Boy And the Kite festival

One day a father and his son went to a kite flying festival. There were many kites in the sky and it seemed very beautiful.

The son asked his father can we fly with these kites, as kites were big enough so father replied, why not?

Then they flew with a kite, and flew very high in the sky, and it seemed more beautiful now. But at a height they stopped, as the rope stretched to it’s full length.

Son asked : Father, can’t we cut off this rope then we will go even more high. And he did cut the rope.

For the time wind was there they flew even higher now but as soon as wind stopped, they started calling down slowly and soon they crashed to ground.


Stay connected with your loved ones because they are the one which will help you achieve what you want.

these 10 lines short stories with moral consists of all the areas like positive attitude, thinking positively etc.


Two men were lost in a desert, didn’t knew where to go and what to do.

Wandering here and there and they found a great wall in a distance from them.

Behind that wall they could hear water rushing, birds chirping, and they could see tree branches hanging over the wall’s edge.

With great excitement and happiness first man climbed the wall and disappeared into the garden.

With that same excitement and happiness second man with kindness went back to desert seeking for other lost travellers.


It’s hard to find a Paradise on earth but if you find one, do not forget to take others with you, be kind.

The Surprise Test

Once a professor entered a class, and asked them to prepare for a surprise test.

Then he distributed the sheets with text downside on tables, as usual.

Then he asked them to start. And for everyone’s amazement, there was only a single black dot in the center of the sheet.

Everyone asked, what is it, professor?

“Just explain whatever you see on the sheet”-said professor.

When the test was over, Professor collected the sheets an read out loud answers of all students.

As expected, everyone was explaining the size and position of the black dot on the sheet. None of them, wrote a single word about white part.


Don’t ignore problems, but don’t focus too much on problems that you forgot the happiness you already have.

Which goes comes around

Once an Elephant took shelter under a big tree and he was eating.

But some monkeys came and started troubling that Elephant, took his food, jumped on his back, pulled his trunk, etc.

It started happening everyday. Then that tree under which he always took rest, asked ‘why you don’t do anything when monkeys troubles you.

Elephant said ‘I can not be a part of this, let them trouble me; after sometime God will punish them.

It happened few more days until……..

One day another Elephant came under that tree. Eating and was happy. Monkeys thought that this Elephant will also not do anything.

Monkeys started troubling the Elephant but unlike the frist Elephant, he grab a Monkey with his trunk and threw that Monkey on the ground, and rest of the Monkeys ran away.


You don’t have to feel guilty by punishing someone, itself stone written that they will be punished by someone.

Living for Real

Once a monk and his one disciple, we’re passing through desert and were completely tired, and were searching for water and meal.

Then, they saw a hut, they knocked the door. There was couple residing there, which had a cow with them.

Monk asked for some food and shelter, as couple was very welcoming, so they gave them food and shelter.

After food, they were talking, and monk asked what do you do here?

We live here, this cow gives us milk, some of which we exchange with bread, and hence get enough for ourselves.

Next morning, when the couple was sleeping, the monk stole the cow and took it with him.

When the monk returned after one year he was amazed to see that, there was a big house with tens of cows and a very big farm in place of that but.

Mont went to that couple , and the couple immediately realised that this is that only who stole our cow.

They gave him a very warm welcome and thanked him for stealing the cow, explaining how they started living from surviving.


Don’t survive, live the one and only life.

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Once a man came to a master and said. I want to become successful please guide me and show me the path. Marshall was meditating by a river.

Master grabbed his neck and dragged him into the river and plunged his head underwater.

Man was struggling to come out. He was lacking air but after a minute master pulled him out of the river and asked.

What did you wanted the most when you were under the water?

Man replied:- I wanted air, I was struggling i wanted air the most and i could have done anything for that.

Master said:- work with this same attitude, do anything, learn new things and be kind and have patience. You will become successful.


If you want to become successful. You have to give everything and every moment that you can give to that work because you can’t have rest and struggle both at the same time.

The Soap Company

Once there was a Japanese soap company, which faced a problem that some of the soap boxes went empty in the packaging process.

So they found out a solution by developing an xray machine, connected to a monitor, so that a person could monitor for the empty packages.

Another company went in the same problem, what they did?

They just put a fan with such a speed that only empty packages will fly away.


Work Smart, first use your brain and then act.

A Wise Donkey

Once there was a farmer which had an old donkey. There was a well near the farmer’s house.

farmer was planning to cover that well, but one day that old donkey fell into that well. It cried loud for help.

For a moment, farmer thought of saving the donkey, but than realised it’s not worth it because it is going to die only because of its age.

Do, he called his neighbours, and then, they all started throw in sand in well to cover it.

As soon as the donkey realised that he was going to be buried alive, he first cried but than used his brain.

Whenever they throw sand, donkey shuffles and get into it, after repeating it for some time, the donkey was finally got out.


It was donkey’s positive attitude that let him live.

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Man who loved his dog

A man who loved his dog so much that he treated his dog as a family remember.

One day he went for a walk with his dog. Suddenly a rabbit crossed street in front of them. Dog started chasing that rabbit, slowly and slowly dog ran away.

Man got very upset and tensed for his dog. He kept thinking why all this happened to him.

He asked everyone for his dog in that area. With every details of his dog, he puts up posters with a reward for searching his dog.

Two days later a very beautiful girl came to his house with his dog, he got happy seeing his dog again, two days before he was thinking why his dog ran away and now after seeing that beautiful girl, he thought it was good that his dog ran away.

Man and that girl met each other, started talking and soon they fell in love.


Whatever happens in your life, happens for a reason.

One Sided Talk

In a kingdom, there was a Kings favourite elephant.It was his favorite, because the elephant was very calm and enjoyed the company of everyone.

After some time, some robbers started meeting outside the shed of the elephant.

They talked roughly and always talked of cruelty, and the elephant was a learning one so he heard everything and started behaving accordingly.

Next day he killed his caretaker, and king was in shock.Then king called his wise adviser.

Adviser found out, that there was a robbers group which was meeting there and affected the elephant, hence a group of wise people was arranged which always did good talks near the elephant she’d and, in no time elephant was again calm and quiet.


You are the average of five people you spend most time with.

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